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  • International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology

    The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology publishes papers concerned with the application of Artificial Intelligence. It aims to help the development of principles for the design of computer-based learning systems. Its premise is that such principles involve the modeling and representation of relevant aspects of knowledge, before implementation or during execution, and hence require the application of AI techniques and concepts. 

  • International Journal of Creativity and Innovation in Humanities and Education

    The International Journal of Creativity and Innovation in Humanities and Education publishes scholarly work that promotes and fosters innovation, creativity and change in all fields of social sciences. The focus is on papers that will be influential in their field or across fields and will significantly advance understanding in the following topics: anthropology, sociology, politics, culture, history, philosophy, economics, education, management, arts, laws, linguistics and psychology. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field.

  • International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Architecture and Cultural Heritage

    aims to integrate architecture studies and heritage related fields. The journal acts as the latest updated research platform for examining buildings design and urban environments and related approaches for cultural heritage. JACH is an international journal and aims at reduce the gap between architecture and heritage studies integrated or splitter.

  • Chronicles of Precision Medical Researchers

    The aim of the journal is to present high quality original research articles in the field of medicine. Additionally manuscripts in the format of review, case report, articles about clinical and practical applications and editorials, short report, book reviews, biographies, and letters to the editor are also published in the journal. Besides if related with medicine, articles on aspects of dentistry, social sciences, public health, genetics, psychology, pshyciatrics, educational sciences, sociology and nursery could be published. Chronicles of Precision Medical Researchers is an open-access journal that publishes articles in accordance with the open-access model based on the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) Declaration. The journal's archive is available at www.chronpmr.com free of charge.

  • International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Art and Technology

    International Journal of Multidisciplinary studies in Art and Technology is a scholarly journal which supports and promotes the Multidisciplinary studies of Arts and Technology. The journal is committed to studying art. This journal ignores the disciplinary boundaries imposed by the Anglophone expression 'art history' and allow and encourage the full range of enquiry that encompassed the visual arts in its broadest sense as well as topics now falling within archaeology, anthropology, ethnography and other specialist disciplines and approaches. It welcomes contributions from young and established scholars and is aimed at building an expanded audience for what has hitherto been a much specialized topic of investigation.