For Publishers

As part of the commitment to increasing open access to research, the eJournal Manager offers free hosting for your journal using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) to provide online management for academic journals for scholars around the world. The OJS system has a highly configurable system for editorial workflows with features including:

  • Online author submission
  • Blind, double-blind, or open peer-review processes
  • Online management of copyediting, layout, and proofreading
  • Delegation of editorial responsibilities according to journal sections
  • Management of publication schedule and ongoing journal archiving
  • Customizable presentation features
  • Multilingual interface supporting 10 languages
  • Support for a variety of reader tools, such as RSS feeds and share buttons

How to Launch a Journal on OJS

To request a journal using with eJournal Manager, the Hosting Request Form must be completed before a journal site is established. Information required to launch a journal:

  • Your Name
  • Affiliation 
  • Email
  • Phone 
  • Country 
  • Journal Name
  • Journal Publisher 
  • Journal Description 

The publisher will do the following:

  • Maintain a clear and direct affiliation to eJournal Manager (e.g. publisher is a College, Department, Center, etc.).
  • Be fully responsible for all aspects of the creation, transfer, and updating of Journal content.
  • Make all content available online and freely accessible to all under the terms of a Creative Commons license immediately upon publication.
  • Be fully responsible for the content and copyright management of the Journal and indemnify and hold eJournal Manager harmless from any claims, losses, damages, or legal actions incurred by the Libraries and arising from the content or dissemination of the Journal’s content.
  • Be fully responsible for completing the necessary additional documentation regarding any fees collection by the Publisher for the Journal.
  • Grant eJournal Manager the non‐exclusive right to host the journal title on the OJS platform and distribute electronically the Journal’s content. This right does not include the right to sell the content or sell access to the content.
  • Be responsible for notifying eJournal Manager if the publishing personnel or the Journal’s affiliation changes.

For more information about OJS and how it works, see the PKP demonstration journal where you can explore the OJS publishing platform and OJS website

Please contact us at info@ejournalmanager.comif you have any questions