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  • Diario de Ciencias Matemáticas

    In Ciencias Matemáticas, original articles are published on all the areas of Mathematics or Computer Science, as well as those in which didactic evaluations are discussed about the teaching at the university level of these sciences. Historical-critical essays, that expose a reflection on the development of mathematical and computational knowledge, are also published.

  • Journal of Instructional & Learning Technology

    The Journal of Instructional & Learning Technology deals with systems in which technology and education interface and is designed to inform educators who are interested in making optimum use of technology. 

  • The Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases

    The Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (JCVD) is quarterly published research based medical journal. The theme of the Journal is “Promoting Research and Medical Education in the region”. It is a well recognized Journal (PMDC Index No: IP/0062) with contributions from the medical community all over the world. Being a journal of cardiovascular diseases it lays special emphasis on research in Cardiology (clinical, diagnostic and interventional) and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (Pediatric and Adult). However the Journal also accepts outstanding work in other fields of medicine as well.